SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is simply the process of getting your listing found by the right people at the right time so you can make that critical first impression. Customer acquisition on the web starts with a single search listing.

Reduce your ad spend and increase your efficiencies by getting your organic listings where they belong – at the top of search engine results pages. If they’re not there already, there’s a good probability that your website code needs some modifications.

Maybe your pages are well-ranked, but your conversion rates are not as high as they should be. We can help you optimize your pages to better suit your target audience, which will move the needle on your Key Performance Indicators.

Keyword Research

Since it all begins with a need or a want, we conduct detailed research to determine how your future customers are expressing their desires. If you don’t understand what drives them, if you’re not speaking their language, they’ll go somewhere else. Targeting the keywords your customers use gets you found. It’s what we do.


Behind the scenes, embedded in your site code, metadata uses keywords to let search engines like Google know what you’re all about. Craft relevant, consistent metadata and the search engines will love you for life. Make a piecemeal effort of this critical task and watch your rankings plummet. Choose wisely. We can help.

Information Architecture

In order for the search engines to make use of the metadata you’ve created, your site has to be crawled and indexed by automated programs. If crawlers encounter dead-ends, duplicate content or any number of other booby traps, it will send a scathing report back to its boss, Mr. Google. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry!

Sound architecture not only appeases the crawlers and leads to better search rankings but vastly improves your users’ experience. Contact us now for a full site audit.

Analytics & Reporting

Now that your site is happily-indexed, optimized and hosting targeted users, you need a way to track your progress. Stomping on your competitors’ fingers as you climb the search rankings to dizzying new heights certainly feels satisfying, but which keywords are delivering the most traffic? More importantly, which keywords are leading to sales (conversions)? What’s your return on investment? We can assist you in setting up a Web analytics package to track these metrics plus generate custom reports for your colleagues. Get in touch today for a more visible tomorrow.

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